Some of our investments


Opendoor veterans Justine Palefsky and Tasneem Amina are building Kindred, a members-only network for home-sharing that provides a new model for travel. Read about their launch in Forbes and TechCrunch.


Michael Fester and Marie Schneegans are building Motif, which combines the simplicity and collaboration of Google Docs with the power of fully interactive React websites.



Olly Wilson and Alex Kilkka are building SimpleHash, which provides infrastructure for multi-chain NFT indexing and querying.


Patricia Bubner, PhD, Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay, PhD, and Samet Yildirim are building Orbillion, the only lab-grown meat company making high-end meats including lamb, elk, and bison.

See coverage of Orbillion in TechCrunch here and here.

Charge Robotics

Banks Hunter and Max Justicz are building Charge: robots that automate the most labor-intensive parts of building large-scale solar farms. See their Launch HN post.


Michelle Lee, PhD, PhD turned down a tenure-track professor position at NYU to build Medra, where she's applying robotics, computer vision, and AI to biotech manufacturing.


Regulatory experts Niya Dragova and David Chouinard are building Candor, a platform enabling public company employees to manage RSUs like executives.

Listen to Niya sharing her story on Indie Hackers.


Michael Lai is building Tinycare, a machine for creating home daycares that provide both higher-quality care and structurally better margins than competitors.


Marco Lobba, PhD, Geo Guillen and Matt Francis, PhD are building Catena, where they are applying a new protein coupling technology to the emerging field of immune tolerance induction.