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Kanjun QiuAli RohdeJosh Albrecht

What our founders say

"Their support has been a gamechanger, especially given I'm a solo founder, and especially because they’ve been in my shoes. They are my first call. They also push me to think bigger, and then help me achieve that vision, like Ali leading our public launch, or Kanjun jumping on the phone with candidates to help close my founding team."

Dr. Michelle Lee - CEO, Medra

"Ali, Kanjun, and Josh decided to invest within 24 hours, and then immediately jumped aboard to help—introducing us to other investors, doing a strategy session with me on our pitch and fundraising plan, and sending us lists of candidates for our open roles."

Banks Hunter - CEO, Charge Robotics

"Ali, Kanjun and Josh are more than investors—having them on your cap table is a superpower. They're incredibly trustworthy, high integrity and super-smart operators. Ali has been integral for how we hire, Josh is a technical mastermind, and Kanjun is deeply strategic. More than anything, they're good people that take good care of their founders. You'd be super lucky to have them on your side."

Niya Dragova - CEO, Candor

"I've known the Outset team for almost 8 years and they are the most saavy and supportive investors. Kanjun is one of my first calls whenever there is a problem and has a superpower in solving any problem. She, Ali, and Josh are an incredible source of support — they've seen it all, and are putting that experience to use for other founders."

Michael Lai - CEO, Tinycare

Who we are

We are Kanjun Qiu, Ali Rohde, and Josh Albrecht.

We write 100-200K checks into pre-seed and seed companies. We're backed by founders, including Dropbox founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, Quora founder Adam D'Angelo, and Sift founder Jason Tan.

Among the three of us, we've gone through YC, started 5 companies, built AI research labs, scaled unicorns like Dropbox and Addepar, published ML research, and run congressional campaigns. We've been in your shoes.

Our events

A big part of the reason we started this fund was to bring people together — to meet each other, to learn from each other, and (if we’re lucky) to start companies together.

We regularly host events — usually in the Bay Area, but occasionally in NYC, Boston, or virtually.

In the past, our events have included dinners for “Future Founders” (those thinking of starting companies soon), women in STEM, and those working on deep tech.

If you’d like to be added to the list for future events, submit your contact information and location here.