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Founders funding founders

Outset is an angel fund led by Kanjun Qiu, Ali Rohde, and Josh Albrecht.

We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage companies. We move fast and love being the first check in.

Our goal is to be the most helpful investor per dollar on your cap table.

In the past, this has included drafting press releases, editing job descriptions, helping a company fill out its round, using our jobs newsletter to attract 35 qualified candidates in 1 week, and connecting a company to later-stage investors to start building relationships now.

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Our Team

Kanjun Qiu

Ali Rohde

  • Chief of Staff, Generally Intelligent
  • Founder, Ali Rohde Jobs
  • Interim Head of Operations, Motif
  • Comms Director, U.S. House of Representatives

Josh Albrecht

  • CTO, Generally Intelligent
  • Published machine learning researcher
  • Repeat founder with exit
  • Infrastructure Lead, Addepar