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Ali RohdeJosh AlbrechtKanjun Qiu

What our founders say

"I'm a solo founder, so their support has been a gamechanger. They are my first call."

Michelle Lee, PhD - CEO, Medra

"They've been the single highest value add investors on our cap table so far."

Banks Hunter - CEO, Charge Robotics

"Having Ali, Kanjun and Josh on your cap table is a superpower. They're incredibly trustworthy, high integrity and super-smart operators. More than anything, they're good people that take good care of their founders."

Niya Dragova - CEO, Candor

"I've known the Outset team for almost 8 years and they are the most saavy and supportive investors. Kanjun is one of my first calls and has a superpower in solving any problem."

Michael Lai - CEO, Tinycare

Our team

Together, we — Kanjun, Ali, and Josh — write $100-200K checks into pre-seed and seed companies.

Among the three of us, we've gone through YC, started 5 companies, built an AI research lab, scaled unicorns like Dropbox and Addepar, published ML research, and run congressional campaigns. We've been in your shoes.

And we love bringing people together — we regularly host events in the Bay, and occasionally in NYC, Boston, and virtually as well. In the past, our events have included dinners for “Future Founders," women in STEM, and those working on deep tech.

To be added to the list for future events, share your contact info HERE.

Our backers

Drew Houston

Co-founder, Dropbox

Arash Ferdowsi

Co-founder, Dropbox

Adam D’Angelo

Co-founder, Quora

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Co-founder, Dreamworks

Laura Deming

Co-founder, Longevity Fund

Jason Tan

Founder, Sift

Sujay Jaswa

Former Head of Business, Dropbox

Reza Behforooz

VP Eng, Google