LA-focused funds

60+ early-stage VCs based in SoCal

November 16, 2022

42 funds based in NYC

Early-stage funds based in New York 🍎

November 14, 2022

110 funds that lead seed rounds

VCs that deploy $500K+ checks into seed rounds

November 10, 2022

Early-stage edtech VCs

Investors at Reach Capital, Owl Ventures, a16z, Lightspeed, and more

November 9, 2022

48 VCs backing early-stage digital health

Late-stage digital health deals funding is far below last year's record highs, but early-stage funding remains strong

October 11, 2022

Funds that lead pre-seeds

VCs that deploy $500K+ checks into pre-seed rounds

October 4, 2022

40 climate-focused funds

From Lowercarbon to Social Impact Capital to Collaborative Fund, Obvious Ventures, and more

October 3, 2022

34 funds focused on under-represented founders

Funds backing women, people of color, veterans, immigrants, and those who identify as LGBTQIA+

September 30, 2022

Black-founded VC funds

71 Black-led funds that invest at the early stage

September 27, 2022

51 Top AI + DevTools VCs

From Boldstart to Redpoint to Heavybit, here are 51 top investors focused on developer tools, cloud infrastructure, and APIs

September 21, 2022

Generative AI startups we want to fund

AI for code, video content, game content, and realistic human interactions

September 14, 2022

57 Solo GPs to Pitch

Funds led by solo GPs are proliferating — a win for early-stage founders

September 20, 2022

180+ female-founded funds

Early-stage funds founded by at least one female investor

August 1, 2022

85 funds that invest in early-stage deeptech

Consistent investors in robotics, biotech, climatetech, hardware

July 11, 2022

18 prolific pre-seed investors

Funds that consistently invest at the earliest stage

July 6, 2022